Cams Make-Pro 25 is a SOFT-ENGINE device for cam lift acquisition. The cam lift is measured point by point vs the instantaneous rotation angle (equal to cam angle). The data store and result management  software ("CAMS MAKE-PRO") shows the measured data as diagrams and charts, and there is the possibility to compute also::

speed and acceleration, both these quantities are derived from cam lift;;

the cam profile and its construction data, X-Y coords and polar coords;

possibility to export data as Excel file (datasheet compatibility);

possibility to export data as DXF file (CAD software and cutting-machines compatibility);


The software has a lot of potentialities and capabilities in the data analysis, but it is friendly to use: after the valve phase choice, click "START" and measure; any particular input data are necessary.


By this system it's possible to obtain the profile construction data for an exsisting cam. The software allows to export these data for CAD, datasheets and cutting machines; more, the data exportation as other Soft-Engine simulation software (principally CAMS and 4TBASE- the 4-stroke engine simulation software) is possible.



  • Linear displacement sensor;

  • Encoder;

  • Electronic unit

  • Acquisition data software

It's possible to add the mechanic support for cams and sensors arrangment ON DEMAND.






The working principle is very simple: arrange the cam-shaft in the mechanics support, start the PC and make a complete rotation of the cam. The rotation device can be a simple knob or it can be managed by an electric motor. The software manages all the aspects of test: found the zero, measures the cam lift during the rotation, computes the cam profile and its construction data and exports these data to the CAD and cutting-machines most common file formats.


The linear displacement sensor measures the cam lift, and the encoder stores the angular data. Both sensors have an high accuracy. Data are sent via USB to PC by an electronic unit. There are no particular specifications for PC, a computer with a normal Windows environment (any version more than Windows 98) is enaugh. The software measures the cam lift and it does not ask particular input data: it can calculate the cam profile in a second time after test saving also.



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The cam lift acquisition device "CAMS MAKE-PROF 25"  is used by people having to produce cams and by tuners and engine contructors to replicate an exsisting cams to obtain their construction data. Software can export the constriction data as cutting machines and CAD software files, and moreover, it's possible to communicate with other SOFT-ENGINE software (firstly 4TBASE,) to test the measured cam and use it in our  4-stroke engine simulation software.




Cams Make Prof 25, general view (the notebook is not included in the basic package).


Detail cam profile measurement with curve tappet


Detail cam profile measurement with planar tappet


The cam must rotate for 360 around the mechanics device shaft,

with a knob or with an electric motor.











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