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CAMS is a Soft-Engine software to analyse, calculate and realize cams for 4-stroke engine valves; it is possible to input the valve (or cams) lift point by point first of all. Then, it is also possible to plan a cam contour by polynomial or dynamic-polynomial (polydyne) methods. CAMS is used to realize, analize and verify a new cam and to know its dynamic performances, or to analize an exsisting cam importing its valve lift into the software.


The software is completely restiled in graphical interface, and it is very very advanced comparing to the older version. 

A lot of function (especially in the diagrams section) are improved or added.  The data input is easier because the user inputs data directly in the rocker schema.

It is possible to choose quickly the rocker geometry and the computing methods, and there is the total interface with the most important Windows data sheet software, like Excel.


The software allows the possibility to input the valve (or cams) lift by points and to find the cam contour with a reverse-engineering computation. 

The software computes and analyses the cam and valve main quantities (see later) and the cam contour and profilings above all. It is possible to have the construction data for cam contour and for the main cutting machines (the centers of the slider, grinder and miller arm positions) in X-Y and polar coords.


The "Cams" software's main window


Finally, an intake or an exhaust cam can be planned (with Polynomial or Polydine method) or it is possible to import an exsisting cam to study its performances. The import procedure can be made from excel or txt files. 


By an adding module, it is possible also to measure directly a cam contour or a valve lift by a special Soft-Engine machine, that can be added to the software package by request. The measured data will be transmitted directly to the software computing routines.


Here the main software features:




Firstly, the software asks if user wants realize an intake cam or an exhaust cam. All the geometries can be computed with different computing methods:

  • Lift point by point: input of a valve lift (or cam lift) step by step, the data can be inserted, imported or measured (by the acquisition system): the software computes all the kinematics and dynamics quantities and creates the cam contour.

  • Polynomial: in this case only kinematics is computed: so software calculates valve and cam lift, velocity, acceleration, and it and creates the cam contour.

  • Polydine: in this case kinematics and dynamics are computed: so software calculates also the forces, the torques, the stresses and creates the cam contour.


The  different possible geometries are:



The software computes the cam contour for a rocker as shown in the picture, according to a computing method (see later).


If comuting method is polynomial or polydine, software data input are:

basic data (durations and other data), ramp acceleration, geometric data, cutting mechanism data (for miller, grinder and slider) and material data (for cam and  slider).

If computing method is "Lift point by point" the lift must be imposed or imported in the computing model




The software computes the cam contour for a rocker as shown in the picture, according to a computing method (see later).


The main data are the same of the "Simple rocker" geometry, with some differences about the geometry and mechanisms.




The software computes the cam contour for a rocker as shown in the picture, according to a computing method (see later).


The main data are the same of the "Simple rocker" geometry, with some differences about the geometry and mechanisms.




The results are diagrams and charts about:

  • valve and cam lift;

  • valve and cam velocity;

  • valve and cam acceleration;


    • Contact force;

    • Rotation angle;

    • Eccentricity;

    • Hertzian pressure;

    • Strip  velocity;

    • Strip velocity x P.Hz;


    • Inertial force;

    • Spring force;


    • Inertial force;

    • Spring force;

    • Normal force;

    • Hertzian pressure;

    • Resistant torque.

All the computed quantities can be displaied vs:

  • Total crank angle (0 to 720), it is the most important referring datum; the most important referring points (TDC, BDC, AI, CI, AE, CE) are shown.

  • Duration valve crank angle (0 to valve final period, crank dergrees);

  • Cam angle.

Other computings are:




For valve springs it's possible to choice single spring or double spring computing.


Tipically, software data input are:

  • Free spring lenght

  • Max. compression force

  • Pre-loaded spring froce  

  • Stress (closed valve, for engine valves)

  • Stress (of work material, for shock-absorbers).

 Software give some diagrams and charts about these results::

  • Spring lenght (vs spring excursion)

  • Spring force (vs spring excursion)

  • Valve lift  


Suitable query reports show some interest data, like block forces and stresses, Whal factor, number of coils or harmonics of excitation. You can vary input data in these query reports to study how projected spring change its features (option: variations). See also "SPRING" software. 




This option computes the section swapped by piston areas. Here the results:

  • Real, geometric and resulting areas diagrams and chart (vs crank angle)

  • max. area - mean area

  • angle-area (angle x mean area)

  • specific-angle-area (angle x area / capacity)

  • time-area (total period x mean area)

  • specific-time-area (time-area / capacity)




For each computed quantity the following options are available:

  • Max., min. and mean value; cursor to read all curve points

  • Zoom, graph scale management

  • Sizeable graphics window with complete colors management

  • Comparison of different "CAMS" projects (max 6 projects)

  • File section: it is possible to create directories to classify projects in a single session.

  • Long filename management

  • Different projects  compared charts 

  • Printing page setup, with remarks,  logo and graphics management

  • Chart of all quantities 

  • Construction data charts

About charts, it is possible to export them in Excel format and to variate the visualization step. Moreover, it's possible visualize the value changing the visualization step. Finally, it is possible to print all chart or to select a range of values before printing.


"CAMS" diagrams (Valve lift vs Crank angle)


"CAMS" Construction data chart




The cam contour is shown in the following picture:


"CAMS" contour, with the slider profiling shown


It is possible to zoom the contour, study the pressures on the contour, see the construction data and change the profilings of the cutting machines.




As explained before, it is possible to measure directly a cam or a valve lift by a device; it can be added to the software package by request. The measured data will be transmitted directly to the software computing routines.




By the "Lobe centers" function it is possible to variate the phase angles (opening and closure) and to watch the lift values at TDC, as shown in the picture.


"CAMS" - The "Lobe center" management...


... and effects on cams




All the old cams version file are compatible with the new software.

Moreover, the software can export data in "4TBASE" format, so a cam planned with CAMS can be tested in 4TBASE.

The software makes also reports in TEXT, DOC and HTML file format. Also, all the charts can be export in EXCEL format, and all input charts (like ramps acceleration and valve lift value input chart) allows the import/export procedure from/to txt files.

The maximum software version (Cams 7.0) exports the construction data in ISO format and DXF format for a direct communication to a machine tools.





CAMS 5.0 LT 

This version is for tappet cams. according to Polynomial, Polydine and Lift points by points computing methods. This program is used to analyse and verify the right cam and to know the dynamics. Output values are:

  • valve lift

  • valve velocity

  • valve acceleration

  • valve inertial force

  • spring force

  • cam design

  • envelopt

  • valve area

  • valve time-area

Graphs comparison of inlet and exhaust valves available, including:

  • valve timing

  • overlap

  • valve area

Printable charts, contruction data etc... are also available. 




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CAMS 5.0

This version includes all computations about Single rocker, Single sided rocker and Valve Tappets, according to Polynomial, Polydine and Lift points by points computing methods. The output values are the ones explained in the presentation. This program version does not supply the construction data. This version conresponds to an educational purpouse, so it is particularly suitable for tech schools and universities.





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CAMS 6.0

The same as version 5.0 including the construction data.




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CAMS 7.0

The same as version 6.0 version including the exporting of the construction data in ISO format and DXF format to drive machine tools.


This version is highly professional and easy to use as it supplies the nearest profile (to be found among a maximum of 200,000 ones), to the lift law required, with a precision of less than a thousandth of a millimeter.




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(7.2 Mb)

1-Download the EXE file in a temporary folder. Follow the procedure (choose ""Save" on hard disk  option) and ignore the web protection message;

2-After download, run  the EXE file to begin unpack procedure; click "Install" and wait for the  file extraction in the same temporary folder you downloaded the EXE file;

3-The installation program is made by auto-extracting files, so follow the setup procedure. In particular click a PC icon to start the setup;

4-Start CAMS..EXE to begin demo.




Ignore possible warning message coud be appeared during the setup procedure. In particular:

1) Ignore the initial message warning to close all windows applications, click OK to go on;

2) Ignore the initial message warning to change the Hard disk unit, click "Install" to go on;

3) If appears a message to keep on the actual version of a certain file, choose to keep that file.









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